Top Five Grunge palettes for Autumn Eyes

I’m obsessed with finding the perfect red/copper/brown eye-shadow combo. Currently described as a ‘grunge’ look , it’s essentially a sultry warm smokey eye that’s been around forever. It can be difficult to pull off but new matte formulas afford a more subtle application, boosting this style’s popularity. Here’s my Top 5 pick of russet hued palettes ranging from high-end to budget:

Top Five Rust Coloured Palettes for Grunge Eye Shadow look

Clockwise from Top Left:
Lorac: Pro Matte / The Balm: Meet Matte Nude/ Make-Up Revolution: Naked Chocolate/ Mac: 9×9 Burgundy/ Nxy: Meet me in Paris-Merci Beaucoup

And if you can’t imagine the coppery / red eye look I’m talking about here are my Top Five women who wore it best! Bearing in mind I’m 90’s obsessed….
red- russet- copper eyes- who wore it best

Clockwise from Top Left: Sarah (The Crow 2 City of Angels)/Deborah Harry/ Dana Scully/ Toyah Wilcox/Keira Knightly – And yes the Crow 2 is rubbish but I loved the look!

So who wore it best y’all?  Scully’s take is great for an everyday version of this look, Sarah’s for subtle goth, and 80’s red and gold is for going totally over the top…

What do you think of this look? Do you have colour- ways you’re craving?



  1. I love Sarah’s makeup in The Crow 2 but yes, the film is rubbish. Scully’s makeup is great too. I was obsessed with red eye shadow for a while when I was younger. I even used a red eye pencil! x


    1. Why am i not surprised? 😉 I only discovered yesterday that Sarah in The Crow City of Angels is meant to be little girl Sarah from the first film grown up. How’d I not know that? x


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