Lately…according to Instagram – 70’s Ninties’ style

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been loving a little 70’s style  –
70s Stylings- featuring clogs denim and the colour orangeClockwise from Top left: Black peep toe clogs from Lotta’s/ Ring from Indiska thanks to Swedish friend Chiaki/ A very seventies via the 90’s style floral with red Mary-Jane Lottas/ Denim jacket with 90’s Tv show memorabilia by Bunny Miele.

I’m especially fond of the 70’s seen via the prism of the 90’s. So much of nineties fashion was riffing on its 70’s predecessors, and I personally rocked everything from corduroy, to swede jackets, to flared denim and crocheted waistcoats. A bunch of Movies and T.V shows were set in the 1970’s like The Wonder Years, The 70’s Show, Dazed and Confused to name but a few. Others featured contemporary re-imaginings of Seventies style like The Brady Bunch Movie, and 3rd Rock from the Sun (where Tommy and Harry especially rocked some pretty eclectic seventies themed get up). I guess I was experiencing ‘ironic’ fashion for the first time, but I was too busy having fun with it honestly to realize any of it might have been a joke….


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