Florence and the Machine gig review

Last week I attended Florence and the Machine’s first gig in the European leg of the How Big How Blue How Beautiful tour, and while I puzzled what to wear I created the set list I’d love most to hear:

FlorenceTheMachine- dream set list

Click the image to listen to my dream set list on Spotify’s free web player

To be fair she played about 75% of my dream set list so I was pretty happy! It was a good gig, very high energy with lots of great interaction with the audience; including running into the crowd, accepting underwear thrown on stage, showing off a fan- made banner and of course crowd surfing. I love it when a performer plays to their strengths and Florence really embraced the fact that she has a fan base who like to sing along and conducted them like a choir.

The glam stage set-up looked the part with is rippling glittery background,  red curtains and drop down ‘Moon’ set piece with its projections ranging from a lurid iris,  phases of the moon, a Japanese rising sun, and a circular screen projecting close-ups of Florence performing. There was something rather prog-rock about it all, (and reminiscent of Kate Bush’s own lunar projections in last summer’s ‘Before the Dawn’ residency).

A joyous atmosphere pervaded this concert and I admire Welch even more now I’ve witnessed her gratitude and humbleness on stage alongside her showmanship. I found myself hoping that Florence and her Machine will stand the test of time and still be gigging decades from now, so I can say I saw them way back when she was a young’un.

p.s. If you want to know what I wore in the end, lets just say it all went a bit  70’s glam. (Although I wish I’d opted for swishy sleeves over swishy dress).
70s style selfie- Ootd - Florence concert- pre gig polaroid
I’m kind of ‘Machine’ obsessed now post -gig and I’ll follow this up with my Top 5 Florence videos some time soon I think! Have you seen Florence and the Machine perform before? What did you think? Isn’t she awesome?



  1. Admitting I’ve never heard of her before but since she sounds like a fun performer (and because of you talking about glitter O__O) her name is on tonights youtube list 😀 And you look great as well!


    1. I hope you do check her out, you might like what you find 🙂


  2. […] No official videos yet from the new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful but I’ll be watching. I’m so glad I got to see her perform live this year, you can see my Florence and the Machine gig review here. […]


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