Life Lately…Crystal Gazing

Lately according to Instagram I’ve been going crazy for crystals. It started with my getting  back into jewellery, now I like having them around me all the time:

Crystal Gazing- semi-precious gem stones

Clockwise from Top left: I’m wearing my handmade ‘downward spiral’ fossil necklace, hematite wand, and rainbow-moonstone cross/ Miniature specimen jars catch the sunlight on my window sill/ Detail close-up of my tumble stone collection that goes back 20 years/ Thinking out loud; a spiral of labradorite, agate and aquamarine on fabric, as possible textile art.

I’ve been collecting crystals since the 1990s, and got my first crystal pendant as a gift in 1996. I made the fossil pendant (above) myself from a stone I bought in Cambridge circa 2000.  I don’t make jewellery often since I hoard the beads and can’t bear to split them up to make things, so I’ve been thinking of solutions to that like putting them in specimen jars and possibly sewing them on fabric to make textile art.

Crystals bring out the total magpie in me, and I love that they are steeped both in science and in esoteric lore. I’ve had different favourite stones at different times in my life and at the moment garnet and rainbow-moonstone/ labradorite are speaking to me the loudest. Do you collect crystals or any other shiny things? What brings out the magpie in you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



  1. I’m really enjoying your Instagram photos! Those little specimen jars are so beautiful and a great way to store crystals. I was really into crystals when I was 12-13 then stopped for a while and got back into them again for a while at 16. There was a really lovely occult/spiritual shop in a neighbouring town and we used to go there after school to look at crystals and jewellery. My favourite used to be hematite which is commonly called blood stone in Sweden. Rainbow moonstone is gorgeous. Oh, and I love the new blog design!! It looks so clean and focused. That font is suitably gothic! 😉 x


  2. Crystals are amazing, even for those who don’t believe in them they are beautiful. When one of my cats refused to drink we added rose quartz into her bowl and she started drinking (still refused to drink when we didnt put them back in)


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