Twin Peaks inspired Knitwear by Great Northern Knits

If like me you love Twin Peaks, 90s fashion and cool knitwear you might be as excited as I was to learn of Great Northern Knits. Recently Teresa Gregorio contacted me about sharing my Twin Peaks fabric designs on her new blog. To my great pleasure it turns out Teresa is knitwear designer who along with designer Leah Coccari-Swift is teaming up to create Great Northern, a book of knitwear patterns for women’s sweaters, accessories, and home-wares all inspired by cult phenomenon of Twin Peaks! (How exciting!)

twin peaks knitwear looks

The sweaters worn by the characters in the show are the primary inspiration, although you won’t find exact copies of the TV wardrobe. Designers Leah and Teresa were guided by the styles, textures and themes of the show and created fashionable, wearable styles that often have a vintage feel. The characters of Audrey (especially), Donna, Norma, and the Log Lady were of key influence on specific styles for this collection. Check out Teresa Gregorio’s existing knitting patterns on her blog Canary Knits here and sample Leah Coccari-Swift’s woolen wonders directly on her website here.

Great Northern Knits- designers

The idea to create Great Northern was borne of the design team’s Twin Peaks fandom, and their desire to share with other fans in the knitting world a pattern collection drawn from the show. Both Leah and Teresa’s aesthetics tend towards to the beautiful and bold, and sometimes weird and unusual, much like Twin Peaks itself making them well suited to helm this project.
You can read more details about what spurred Leah to first envision a Twin Peaks collection on her blog Ruby Submarine here.

Great Northern Knits Logo

Teresa and Leah are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, with the final collection to be published in Autumn 2016 in both print and ebook format. The Kickstarter launches soon on 9th September 2015 and Teresa tells me if you want to stay in touch or contribute just sign up for the Great Northern newsletter you can be sent the link when it launches here:
Meanwhile on the Great Northern blog the designers are sharing character profiles, inspirations behind the designs, information on the Kickstarter campaign and all things Twin Peaks including spotlights on other artists and creators who have been inspired by the enduring and mysterious world of Twin Peaks. What a fabulous idea! I wish these ladies all the very best and I can’t wait to see how the Great Northern Knits turn out!



  1. Thanks for this fantastic profile!!


  2. Awesome! I love Twin Peaks 🙂

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  3. Eeek! This is so exciting! 😀

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  4. Thank you so much!!! This is such a great post. We’re looking forward to releasing this beast into the wild!


  5. Fall is knitwear season so this definitely is a great time for their campaign and it looks really promising!

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