Life Lately…Summer Greens

Looking back over my Instagram lately I’m seeing a lot of green. It’s been a long wet summer so far, with what feels like endless rain. Now that I live in the woods and have a back yard of my own I’ve developed a budding interest in wildflowers and botany.Summer Greens

Clockwise from top left: Raindrops on overgrown ornamental grass/ Goods from the woods- early Sycamore helicopters from trees pruned behind my house/ Wet and wild- the high river level from all the rain / detail of thistle before flowering.

I’m really enjoying observing the seasons, and documenting them in phone pics this way. However it’s not really been the summer I expected, so I’m hoping for a sunny mellow autumn. Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory… Is it raining with you?



  1. thistles are so interesting looking!


    1. Aren’t they though? You never normal see them with out their purply- pink tufty head.


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