It’s not me it’s you!- 5 beauty product fails

After recently recommending my best budget beauty buys, I figured why not share some of my most disappointing
purchases too? These make up products just didn’t live up to the hype for me. Consider these my top five beauty fails:5 beauty fails cosmetics review

1- Precious Metals Highlighting Palette by Sleek Makeup £9.99 – I got this as part of the Party Box (which was excellent value) but I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this product. The compact comes with a mirror and a low quality brush. Three of the shades are cream formula, and one a kind of gold blusher/bronzer powder. They are not subtle and err towards glittery and difficult to blend. I love the idea of highlighter (more than I actually use it), and I’ve tried a few but this is my least favourite so far.

2-Wild Shine Polish by Wet n Wild  £1.79 -shade ‘Black Creme’, this polish is ok, but it goes on thin and the colour needs building up. I prefer a thicker formula that goes on in one coat and dries fast. This polish takes ages to dry so it ends up with contact marks. It also chips easily, so no great staying power. Inexpensive but I’ve had better for less, I can’t recommend this one.

3- Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois £8.99- Oh, how I wanted to love these, they seemed an affordable alternative to Lime Crime’s Velvetines . I even bought more on sale in the hope that my first was a dud. I’ve tried Grand Cru, the red one which looks much darker in the bottle, I’ve also tried Peach Club (bright coral) and Frambourjoise (hot pink) but I can’t just get along with them. They are smudgy, difficult to apply, they don’t seem to dry down and they transfer onto everything. Forget kiss proof, these aren’t even life proof. Terrible!

4-Lip Stick by Makeup Revolution £1- I’m a huge fan of MUR eye shadow palettes so I fancied trying their lipsticks. I got two from the ‘Amazing Lipstick’ range, a red shade ‘ Reckless ‘ and a dark purple shade ‘ 100% Vamp’. I wasn’t impressed with the formula, greasy rather than creamy, with a tendency to stain. Coverage was quite sheer and inconsistent, and even with two coats the colour achieved on my lips wasn’t anything like how it looked in solid form in the bullet e.g the warm red showed up more as a raspberry pink on skin. Perhaps their Iconic Pro lipsticks are better, but I’ll be skipping these.

5- Starry Eyes Palette by Barry M Cosmetics £6.49 – Another one I wanted to love, and a gift too. The colour selection here totally caught my eye as I’d been hunting for a rusty-red matte shadow since the ‘grunge’ trend hit so it looked perfect. Sadly you have to work hard for very little pay off with the matte shades in this palette, which are dry and unwieldy. Whereas the glitter shadows are prone to creasing and loosing their colour impact after a few hours wear. I grew up on Barry M Dazzle Dust so I hoped their palettes would be a success, but they’ve a long way to go yet.

I had fun writing this. It felt quite cathartic to express my disappointment in these cosmetics! I also discovered I’d already thrown away some of the offending products before I was able to take my own pics but I can chuck the rest now knowing that they’ve at least given me inspiration for this beauty fails post. What cosmetics have you been disappointed with recently? I’d love to hear from you about what didn’t live up to the hype…



  1. Hi, I love your blog so Ive nominated you for the versatile blogger award check out for the details x


    1. Aw thanks Abi, that’s very sweet. I didn’t see anything about it on your blog though. Feel free to add a link the the comments here. Cheers B.x


  2. […] off messily.But it still wasn’t as disappointing as Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvets (which I reviewed here!)Of the heavily pigmented liquid to matte shades I’ve found, these MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers […]


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