Life Lately…Summer

Lately according to my Instagram feed I’ve been hotly anticipating summer. At almost halfway through June we are approaching mid-summer but I can’t deny the voice in my head is still crying out ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

Mid Summer Loving

Summer so far has meant dandelion season and blue skies that belie chilly days. Also rapeseed blossom on the way home reminds me of living in Cambridgeshire and that May I visited the mysterious Silbury hill (pictured), Stonehenge and Avebury.

Summer sure is off to a slow start this year, but I’m sure it’s just around the corner … (Please be just around the corner!) I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for summer in my life!




  1. Renee Russell · · Reply

    Bridgeen, we are having a wickedly early summer here and it has been really warm. Flowers and fruiting trees/shrubs, etc. are about 4 weeks or more early and we are getting weather into the 80’s-90’s (F). This is usually July weather. We are at only 48% of our normal rainfall for the year. Our forecasters are already talking drought conditions and that is a bit scary for us because we are always so green here in The Rose City (Portland, OR) and the surrounding area. I hope things are going well for you. I’ haven’t embroidered anything in ages, but I’ve taken classes and been certified as a Floral Designer. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m starting out of my home and then want to have my own shop. My business name is: The Red Bumblebee. I’ll let you know when the website is up. I’m working on getting the financing for the floral cooler and some utility work done for the sinks and tables I’ll need.

    Renee Russell


    1. That’s wonderful Renee! I wish you all the very best with it. You mentioned a while back that you wanted to follow you’re floristry dream. I hope it all works out. And I hope the summer in Portland works out too. Perhaps you’ll be rained out in July!? 😉 b.x


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