New Obsession- Clogs!

I haven’t had a proper shoe obsession in a while now. In my teens it was DM boots (Doc Martins), and in my twenties I had a thing for cowboy boots. I’ve had flings with vintage shoes, pumps and platforms, but this year my eyes have been opened to clogs! I blame Swedish Blogger in London Chiaki L’Argent, and you can see why from her Clog Love blog post here. I decided to follow her lead and show you the clogs that currently take my fancy:

Clog Love

Top left: High T-Bar Aubergine Top Right:Low Heel Nu-Buck Bottom Left: High Open Toe Tan & Orange. Bottom Right:High Red Mary Jane All clogs pictured from: Lotta From Stockholm

Clogs have a fantastic reputation for being comfortable, but lately they have gained a rather fashionable reputation too. Good news for me as since I walk everywhere and I suffer from urticaria that means I’m always on the look out for a cool and comfortable shoe to stop my poor feet getting too hot. So I just recently invested in my first pair of clogs, these lovely low heel nu-bucks. The weather however hasn’t caught up with me yet, so I might have cold feet this summer after all. I’ll be wearing socks with these babies in the meantime. It’s just typical isn’t it? For once I’m ready for summer but it’s not ready for me!

my clogs



  1. I want all the clogs. 😀 I’m so glad you’ve become obsessed too! The ones you got are gorgeous. X


  2. One of the worst things I ever did was not try and save my mother’s clogs from the 70s. At some point in my twenties I snapped the leather ankle band. Why didn’t I get them fixed?! Sigh.


    1. Oh Jess I bet the were fab! But you could get some new ones and join the clog club with me and 🙂


  3. […] enhancer. Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine (Gina is my spirit animal). Hoping: I will be able to wear my fancy clogs when my back is […]


  4. […] and started a small collection. I thought it would be fun to compare the clogs I actually got, to my wish list here.  So without further ado this is my wooden soled clog collection, all from Lotta from […]


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