Five of my Favourite Instagram Fan feeds

Instagram is more than just a place for snapshots of everyday life. I really enjoy following feeds that post regularly on some kind of theme. I call these ‘fan feeds’ where account holders post pictures of their favourite obsession. The possibilities for these feeds are endless and I enjoy a daily burst of seeing things that inspire me, and should I get bored I can always unfollow and move on to the next feed that catches my eye. Here are 5 of my current favourite fan feeds:

Astron_instagram_cosmic skull

  1. Astron  is dedicated to pulp sci-fi and fantasy weirdness, with some horror thrown in. Think cheesy book covers, 80’s toys and gaming memorabilia, and movie stills featuring rubber monsters. Hard to pick just one image to sum this account up. Oh and the account holder is fundraising for a movie called The Void- check that out here.

Bowie on the Cover of A Magazine-instagram

2. Bowie on the cover of a Magazine – I follow a few different Bowie feeds and I like the collector element to this one as it catalogs Bowie’s many magazine cover appearances. It gives me a little buzz when I see any of the mags I own on there!

60s_World_instagram_opart body art

3. 6os_world is an instagram feed celebrating ‘wonderful photos from the 60’s’. Full of avant-garde fashion and nostalgia, this stream does indeed remind us that “the past is foreign country” and they do things differently there 😉

Richard Quartley instagram feed- Paola Nigri

4. Richard Quarterly ‘s feed features Vintage Hollywood photos ranging from the 1920’s, lots of early black & white and lesser seen images than those doing the rounds. Worth a look, especially if you have a fondness for Deitrich! (Incidentally that’s a platinum haired Paola Nigri pictured.)

Vintage_Vixens instagram Mia Wallace_Uma thurman

5. vintage_vixens is a fantastically varied feed featuring everything from classic hollywood icons to 70’s starlets, 60’s kitsch TV and 90’s cool movies. Think Blondie, Marilyn, Warhol, Batman and Morticia Adams. Vintage Vixens is a firm favourite that always keeps me coming back for more.

If you like the idea of fan feeds but you’ve no idea where to start I recommend using the IG random search. IG’s search feature takes into account images you’ve previously ‘liked’ to suggest other images you might dig. Start from there and you might be surprised at what you find! Do you have a favourite kind of Instgram feed? And what would you recommend I should follow?


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