Blonde but not really feeling it

Do Blondes really have more fun? Lately I’ve not been feeling it. I managed to postpone my ‘new year hair wobble’ until february this year when full of anxiety and self-doubt I dyed it brown – my uncertainty colour.

Brown HAIR early 2015
I had instant ‘dyer’s remorse’ and spent spring gradually lightening it to the ash blonde I had before Xmas and the pink-scapade. Now I’m there, I’m not so sure I want it. It’s a cold colour, and given how much black and grey is in my wardrobe it’s really not adding anything. I think I might be done with blonde for a while, It feels wintry and I feel washed out. Sometimes blonde me feels like a ghost of her former self.


Blonde hair spring 2015


I stopped dying my hair red after a famous ‘Stylist’ of the Colour me beautiful variety told me it was terrible for my skin-tone. It was the death of joy. I’ve always loved having red hair, and I’ve had every shade over the years, from natural henna, to plum, to orange and pillar box red. It’s a colour I feel strong affinity for; it’s a colour of rebellion, unpredictability and positivity. The punks and romantics had red hair, and so did David Bowie. To test out how I’d feel about wearing that colour now I decided to use a temporary wash in dye on my light blonde hair.


orange ombre summer hair


So here’s my hair with a red tint again. I like it, it’s like having and old friend come to visit and I think a more permanent change maybe on the horizon! A change is as good as a rest they say, and perhaps I’ll appreciate it more this time, but I can’t believe I ever let anyone, let alone a stranger put me off a hair colour I love.


So here are all my colour changes of 2015 so far…I wonder if red will be a keeper? And yes, I do love a short fringe (bangs).

2015 hair styles spring-summer




  1. You already know what I’m going to say. Red is a keeper!! Black is the only other hair colour I’ve stayed with longer than I have with red. As you know, I wobble every now and then but I always decide to stick with red. And yes, it is the colour or rebellion, unpredictability and positivity. 🙂 Every time I wobble, I think of how handsome Bowie was with his red hair! X


  2. It feels like ages since I’ve had red hair and I’m so excited to see it again. I really want to introduce some colour back in my life, I just don’t seem to know what goes with blonde. And yes, you’re right- just think of Bowie. What more inspiration do you need? x


    1. Yay, I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your red hair! Oh, I’m the same. When I’m blonde, I end up wearing nothing but black! x


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