Gemstone Jewellery for Witches and Goths

I have recently discovered some gorgeously original gothic gemstone jewellery on Instagram . Witches and Wicca are back in vogue like it’s 1995, and these indie shops with their hand-made and custom designs have more than a little magic and mysticism about them. Introduced in order of affordability from impulse (buy now), to splurge (pay-day) and savor (save up for!) perhaps you too will find treasure here:

shop little o jewellery collection

Impulse Buy: Little_O
Little O is a treasure trove of hippy-chic and eastern delights. Here you’ll find trinkets for the boho babe and your inner Stevie Nicks ‘Gypsy’. Ranging from inexpensive leather charm chokers, to beautiful gemstone and fossil pendants to a truly fabulous selection of affordable rings. UK based, prices range from £3.50 -£28.00 approx

Callisto Jewellery selection

Splurge: Callisto Jewelry
Looking for something unique? Designer maker Lara Jamison enhances the natural beauty of each stone by working metal directly on to the crystal. The effect is almost organic, and the handcrafted patina adds an ancient and otherworldly feel. Like unearthed treasure, there is fairy magic at work here. Based in Canada, prices range from around £30- £60 approx

BloodMilk Jewellery collection

Savor: Blood Milk Jewels
Blood Milk specializes in ‘supernatural jewels for surrealist darlings’ and my heart was captured at first glimpse of the planchette rings (inspired by the Ouija pointer tool). The ‘Talon Moons’ range is also to die for. Jewellery from Blood Milk is made to order and designs are inspired by memento mori and Victorian era ‘mourning jewellery’. The originator of Blood Milk Jewels is an artist and writer as evidenced in the wonderfully evocative product descriptions. Based in the US, prices start from $90 – $280 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this showcase. What fabulous  jewels have you seen lately?



  1. Eeek, I love Blood Milk! I had my eye on the Petite Planchette Ring a few years ago. 🙂 Little O is amazing!!! I just ordered the Deathly Hallows Necklace and the Heavenly Body Necklace. I’ve been looking for some necklaces to go with my psychedelic maxi dresses. Thanks for sharing, babe! X


    1. Ooh! Great minds think alike – I want a mini planchette ring too! I’m pleased you made an order from Little O, i’ve just been back for a repeat order and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😉


      1. Oh, the Planchette Ring is so beautiful! I bet I’ll place another order soon too! 🙂


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