Happy Halloween

Here’s a suitably spooky sporran illustration from my collection of short stories that I’ve decided to call- ‘Flash Fiction’!

Bloody Sporan illustration by b.gillespie

I created only a couple of illustrations in the end opting to stick to photo ‘illustrations’ for the stories over all to keep the ‘Flash’ in the flash fiction. But I enjoyed the excuse to get my dip pens out for the first time in years. They give a nice and scratchy effect in keeping with the low-fi look of the rest of the images (like those I posted here).

The book is in the hands of the printers now, so I’m off to carve my pumpkin and maybe even make pie with its innards to take my mind off it! Wooooo! Happy Halloween!




  1. Nice 😉
    I followed your other blog, but I believe that I had found it only recently. I would have loved to follow the past few years 🙂 I’m sorry that your plans didn’t work out as you had hoped. I really loved the CC name 🙂 But this blog looks equally as awesome, and I’m happy that I’m along for it’s ride.



    1. Thanks Karrie. That’s really kind of you to say, don’t be a stranger ok! 😉 b.x


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