Hi Fructose- my new favourite magazine

I picked up these two back issues of Hi-Fructose while in Edinburgh recently, and I’m hoping to find a more local retailer for my next fix!  It covers similar ground to Juxtapoz magazine which I occasionally pick up, but  Hi-Fructose is a littler newer (first published in 2005)  and comes out quarterly. It seems tighter somehow- more focused on visual art and illustration specifically. Where as Juxtapoz recently celebrated a 20th anniversary and its regular content spans video artists, music, street art, design and pop culture in general.

Hi Fructose Vols 30-31

I love both of these magazines but I think Hi-Fructose may be my new favourite.  It is a beautiful publication. Heavy matt/gloss paper, lots of full-page images and plenty of artist interviews. It’s total eye candy of current up to the moment artists and there is lots of variety in styles. It’s entirely worth the £6.50 I paid per issue, (a reasonable price bearing in mind this only comes out 4 times a year).

Owls-Tiffany Bozic- Hi Fructose 30

It’s full of  contemporary painting, sculpture , illustration with plenty of pop-surrealism and low-brow art as well as underground art and new and emerging artists.  Look at this amazing inside cover page! It was difficult to find the artist credit for this image but I believe it belongs to Tiffany Bozic who is featured in this issue, (and strangely enough while researching this I discovered a clothing company stole her design and printed this on shirts without permission! )

Hi Fructose- camille rose garcia Vol 30

Each issue also has a little 16 page insert created especially by that issue’s feature artist. Vol 30’s insert is by Camille Rose Garcia, whose inimitable inky style of gothic surrealism is a staple in virtually every Low Brow art collection I’ve laid my hands on. It’s good to see her here especially as  I’ve just recently started following her on instagram!

back cover advert-Hi Fructose Vol 31

Even the adverts in this magazine which are few and often for gallery shows, are themselves works of art (back cover of Vol 31 shown above).

If you would like to see more you can glimpse a preview of Hi Fructose current Summer 2014 issue HERE.

And if you’d like to check out Juxtapoz click HERE (be careful though, some content may be NSFW).

Do you have any favourite arts and pop-culture magazines? Perhaps you have a special sub-culture publication or fan-zine you love? If you fancy sharing your recommendations tell me all about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them!


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