Inspiring Artists- Jonathan Edwards and Felt Mistress

I love this pair of collaborative artists Illustrator Jonathan Edwards and soft sculpture artist extraordinaire Felt Mistress aka Louise Evans. (I reviewed Felt Mistress’  fabulous collected works book- Creature Couture previously here).

Hiber-Nation J_Edwards & L_Evans

I get a kick out of the work these two make in partnership! I really enjoyed following their exploits on instagram in the run up to christmas last year as they co-created the Hiber-Nation exhibition, their first joint show in their homeland of Wales. So I jumped at the chance to buy their little catalogue/ art book of the show from Jonathan’s website here.

characters by jon edwards & Felt mistress

The inspiration for the exhibition drew on parallels between Japanese and Welsh landscapes and folklore. Also many of the sculptures incorporate local Welsh textiles like tweeds, flannel and wool. Shown together as a collection of illustrations and their life-size textile counterparts this show featured lots of the inimitable characters these two artists are known for!


P.s I also couldn’t resist adding some of Jonathan’s postcards to my collection- I love his economy of line and the very graphic shapes in these caricatures. As if I could pass up on this image of Bowie! ( Along with some other very cool people! Can you guess who?)

I hope you’ll check these artists out. You can find them here –
Jonathan Edwards  website:
And the Felt Mistress here  website :





  1. I’m very excited that I’ve got a ticket to go to a Felt Mistress workshop at The Lakes Comics Festival in October 🙂


    1. Aw, that sounds fab! I hope you enjoy it. I won’t be at the lakes sadly, but I am doing Thought Bubble again this year. yay!


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