Game of Thrones exhibition – Belfast

Argh! There is only one more episode of Game of Thrones left and this season has really been hotting up. Will any more of my favourite characters die? And who will be sitting on the Iron Throne this time next year I wonder?!

Look Who's on the Iron ThroneCould it be me?- mwhahaha ha!

To help sweeten the blow of the series end you could visit the Game of Thrones exhibition which opens in Belfast from the 11-15 of June 2014.  I went along to the exhibition last year and ogled the costumes up close. Here is what I saw: Stark family

The Stark Family are probably my favourite- being from the north and all. I’m rooting for Arya, whose dress is closest in the picture (and her wee face is on the far wall too!)

Stark and Tully - Game of thrones

Above you can see the detailing on Sansa’s original costume (before her family left for Westeros), I love the very subtle beading and embroidery embellishments and on the right is her mother Catelyn Stark (nee Tully)’s outfit. She still wears as a pin the fish motif of her family in the Riverlands, but over her shoulders the wolf stole symbolises the Stark family. Though this family is ‘Highborn’ I admire their lack of ostentation.

The Lannister Family -costumes- Game of Thrones

In stark contrast (no pun intended!) the costumes of the Lannister family are heavily embellished with brocade and embroidery in extravagant reds and gold (with Joffrey in purple, the colour of royalty). Gold and tan amour is often in evidence, even in Cersei. And the flashiest armour belongs to Jamie, not pictured because he was behind Tyrion whose suit I was more intent on capturing. (I am taller than him, honest!)

Targaryen & dragon

Of course Daenerys is a firm fan favourite and I was excited to see her costumes’ progression from nomadic ‘savage’ to increasingly more subtle and sophisticated as she conquers each eastern city in her path. (Sadly missing was the blue dress with ‘scales’ that she wears over trousers, that’s my favourite). Some of her dragons were there too!

Props from Game of Thrones

It’s great to see props and costumes on display here where much of Game of Thrones is filmed. Various locations in Northern Ireland provide the backdrop for the Iron Islands, the Dothraki planes and Dragon Stone beach to name but a few. On the Discover Northern Ireland  website you can see where all the locations are and even plan a tour. What are you waiting for? Get on the Kings Road and visit Westeros this summer 😉

Kings Road- Game of Thrones- Dark Hedges Northern IrelandThe Kings Road, otherwise known as ‘Dark Hedges’ , County Antrim, N.Ireland. (Yes, I took those pics- and yes, it really is that pretty in real life).





  1. stitchandcolor · · Reply

    Such a cool post! I love GoT and Ireland, it makes me really wish I could go back right now (and see the exhibition, of course!)


    1. I’m not going to make it to this year’s exhibition but I’m really curious as to what might be in it. I saw a poster advertising the exhibit showing a different crown- that has flowers like the Tyrell’s. What could it mean? ! Oh and Daenerys blue dress is there this year, and more embroidery! Damn, wish I was going too!


      1. stitchandcolor · ·

        I just looked at the website for the exhibition at some more of the filming locations, I’ve been to the Portstuart/Portrush area, the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-Rede rope bridge…I want to go back and watch the episodes that used locations near there and pay closer attention!

        Could the crown be one of Margery’s (either when she married Renley or Joffrey)?


  2. How neat! I would love to see this exhibit! When we went to San Francisco a few years ago there was a Watchmen exhibit and we got to see the costumes and props. I love seeing it all up close because there’s so many details you don’t see on screen, and I’m sure with the Game of Thrones items it’s even more so! The amount of work they’ve put into the costumes is amazing!


    1. I would have dearly loved to have seen that Watchmen exhibition. It’s a book(and film) very close to my heart!


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