Book Review: Monsters in the Movies

I LOVE this book !  Monsters in the Movies is a gorgeous hardback tome by horror film director John Landis (who made American Werewolf in London , only the best werewolf movie of all time.) This was a belated birthday gift from my big bro who has always found my love of monster movies and horror, charming if not a little bemusing 😉

monsters in the movies- John Landis (2)

This has got to be one of the most exuberantly fun horror books I’ve ever laid my hands on. It’s split into sections, for the various kinds of ‘Monsters’ Landis has categorized; along with the traditional werewolves, ghosts and vampires, there are also Atomic Mutations, dragons and dinosaurs, as well as witches, killer dolls and psychopathic ‘Human Monsters’.

The monster carry

The ‘Monster Carry’ a well-worn horror trope. Man, I think this would make an amazing repeating pattern. Can I have this on a dress please?

I would seriously buy this book for the pictures alone, (it’s gonna keep me inspired with reference images for years).

Always loved this make up job- this is Tim Curry in the movie Legend

Always loved this make up job- this is Tim Curry in the movie Legend

But it’s also worth it for Landis’ pithy comments that accompany them, and the great little interviews with his horror director contemporaries Dante, Cronenberg, Raimi, Carpenter and Del Torro as well as insights from some of the great effects makers, Rick Baker and Ray Harryhausen and an interview with Dracula himself Christopher Lee.

Del toro interview

It’s books like this that sometimes make me think I missed my calling. I’d loved to have worked in horror special effects and creature creating. Perhaps in another life?

Best inside cover pages ever?

Best inside cover pages ever?

You can find this book on Amazon here: Monsters in the Movies


One comment

  1. OH MY! I need to get my paws on this book!
    I concur, An American Werewolf in London is the best werewolf film of all time. Tim Curry is amazing in Legend. I watched that film all the time when I was a little girl. I’ve always had a thing for Tim. I get that “missed calling feeling” when I read forensic psychology books. 😉 But I would also have loved working as a costume designer! xx


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