Crewel Hope – A non- traditional embroidery installation

For designer maker collective MAK9 ‘s ‘Draw on the Walls’ exhibition I created a non-traditional site specific embroidery for installation.  The themes of my work include an awareness of religious, socioeconomic and gender politics, with embroidery as a traditionally female ‘domestic’ art. The title is inspired by Jacobean embroidery techniques popular during *Lundy’s lifetime. (*Lundy is burned in effigy every December by the Apprentice Boys for absconding his role in the Siege of Derry).

Final piece fw edit

I hope you will check out my work in process for this piece, which I have documented every step of the way. You can find out why ‘Hope’ was my word of choice here, and see previous experiments in non-traditional embroidery here, and my foray into Jacobean stitching here. As well as the  background to the project where you can learn about the site of the work. Alternatively you can view all my work in progress pictures as a Gallery in my MAK9 DOTW flickr set

Non traditional embroidery - crewel hope (HOPE in the fireplace)

The MAK9 Draw on the Walls exhibition ran from Saturday 28th September 2013 at No.1 St Columb’s Court,  (with guided tours happening each saturday in October).

mak 9 dotw invite image

The exhibition, Draw on the Walls, runs from Saturday 28 September until Saturday 26 October 2013, in the new National Trust office at 1 St. Columb’s Court, Bishop Street, Derry-Londonderry. With fourteen contemporary artists and makers responding to heritage locations such as the historic Walls, Boomhall and the basement of St Columb’s Cathedral Deanery. Full details on the National Trust website here.

In situ fw


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