Bronte Beasties for Gotye

I’m thrilled to share the finished photos of the felt hoop art pieces I created for Gotye, based on the animated video for his song Bronte. I took some photos in the park late one sunny afternoon before packing them off to Australia.Gotye Bronte face -to- faceI can’t tell you how glad I am to hear they made it ‘down under’ in one piece. I’m overjoyed by how loved they are by Walter and the fan response on twitter has been unbelievably kind. gotye-bronte-beastI want to share some behind the scenes glimpses of this very special project that came about as a result of a gift I made for my niece Charlotte, resulted in commission from none other than Gotye himself who liked my felt rendition of the creature from the Bronte animated video enough to want one of his own.Gotye-bronte-beastie-hoop-art-wipAnd not just one mind, but a whole set. I made sketches from different moments from the video for Walter to choose from and based on these I went on to create a series of one of a kind felt hoop art pieces.Felt-bronte-beasties-for-Gotye-wip

In order to keep them unique I didn’t make any digital drawings or files. I cut the templates from original hand drawn sketches each time, with occasional help from the photocopier. No two are exactly the same- nor can they be precisely replicated.
beast-and-the-brave-bronte-hoop-art-for-gotyeThis has been an absolute gift of a commission, and its been a real honour to work with an artist like Gotye who sees so much potential for collaboration in the world around him.  You can visit Gotye’s flickr group to see a gallery of photos of the finished beasties here.



  1. They’re gorgeous! What a thrill that must have been 🙂


    1. Thanks Anne, it was a really exciting project. A thrill indeed 🙂 Just hope it show how much I loved these creatures. X


  2. these are lovely 🙂 and the natural light really sets your work off too. Bet Gotye is well chuffed x


  3. I’m not really familiar with Goyte but I absolutely love these. I want to say how cute they are but get the feeling they might bite my fingers off for saying it! X


    1. Thanks Victoria. They are wild beasties for sure, but gentle. I like to think of them as buffalopes.


  4. Shawn · · Reply

    Wow, those are so neat, thanks for sharing.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


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  6. […] There was the time Australian singer Gotye (Someone that I used to know) got in touch to tell me he loved my felt rendition of the character from his video and asked me if I could make more just for him. […]


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