This Woman’s Work- Portraits of Famous Female Musical Trailblazers

When invited to participate in an art exhibition for International Women’s Day I proposed to create a set of textile portraits of culturally influential women.This woman's work- textile portraits

The theme was open to interpretation, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share portraits of my own female heroes.  The artists who have influenced me most are often musicians and here, rendered using a traditional ‘female’ domestic craft, are a trio of my most inspirational spiritual sisters. These women are more than musicians, more than singers, they are writers, story tellers, and pioneers of performance, technology, distribution and self-expression. These unconventional outsiders are not afraid to do things their own way; They are genre defying, challenging, philosophical and kind. These are women I truly admire.
These works were entirely hand stitched by me based on famous album cover portraits by each of the artists:

Kate Bush: The Whole Story

Kate Bush Textile Portrait by Bridgeen Gillespie

Laurie Anderson: Strange Angels

Laurie Anderson- textile portrait- by Bridgeen Gillespie

Kristin Hersh: Sunny Border Blue

Kristin Hersh textile portrait by B Gillespie


I originally posted about these works on Cherry&Cinnamon when I created them in 2013. You can visit the individual posts for Kate, Kristin and Laurie by clicking on their names.



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