T-shirt Week

If you’re a fan of illustration and design then T-shirt art is something you probably love. I’m inspired every day by work I see on sites like Tee fury and Redbubble. There’s some great stuff on the high street too. I love that T-shirt art is a way to proclaim your fandom. So here’s a little peek into the geekier side of my wardrobe! 😉

Space Invader Skull T-shirt - Primark Men's

Space Invader Skull T-shirt – Primark Men’s

Punk Kiss Tee by Simon Gane

Punk Kiss Tee by Simon Gane

rolling-stones-tattoo you t-shirt

beetlejuice Tee! -Utterly Alone by Megan Lara

Beetlejuice Tee! -Utterly Alone by Megan Lara

My Little Pony T-Shirt

I’ve waited a long time for the right pony T-shirt , so when I found this in Primark I couldn’t pass it.  Featuring an original 80’s first generation pony (Firefly), and some seriously 80’s stylings I knew this was the one for me.  It’s quite a long T-shirt (not  great when you are a short-arse ) so I’m including another full length pic of this one so you can get the full effect.

Ponies Forever!

So geeky t-shirts? Is this a trend that’s here to stay? I’m always afraid I might be getting too old for this, (or that I’m dressing too much like my boyfriend!) Tell you what though, I’d never noticed til now just how 80’s my T-Shirt tastes are.  And I have many more that didn’t make the cut this week. Enough T-shirts for a sequel, T-Shirt week 2!!!  

So it’s over to you, leave me a comment  if you want to see more 😉



  1. Jay Eales · · Reply

    Yes! More t-shirts!


  2. Laura · · Reply

    Yes more t-shirts! – it looks great! 🙂


  3. julie · · Reply

    PONIES! Great t-shirt, I’m jealous! 🙂


  4. […] was so excited to see the my pattern embroidered so quickly! And on a tee-shirt of all things (I get a little obsessed with t-shirts sometimes.)  I LOVE it when people share pictures with me of my designs making their way into the world. […]


  5. […] bags),taking to classes and on my travels. Lately my love of collectible totes has grown overtaking tee shirts as my nerdy wear-your-fandom-on-your-sleeve go to item. Tote bags rule because they don’t make you feel fat, can totally be worn with […]


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