Books Reviews: Indie Craft

For embroidery inspiration Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse is a real eye opener. (Check out the cover art by Jenny Hart!)

This book is an overview of the Indie craft ‘scene’. Loads of great pictures of mainly textile crafts but across various disciplines. I read this to give myself some context of the contemporary indie craft movement, and found that not only is this better than most contemporary art, this work  sits very comfortably along side my interests in independent publishing, low-brow arts, and counter-culture. I’m both inspired and impressed at the weirdness out there. Here are some of the delights inside:

I discovered the cute Lumplings of Amy Rue –

Manbroidery of William Schaff

The edgy  ‘manbroidery’ of William Schaff – Click here for his flickr gallery.

Shauna Richardson- crochetdermy

The curious  crochetdermy (crochet/taxidermy) of fellow Northern Irish artist Shauna Richardson – click here for gallery

Cross stitch by Severija

The innovative cross stitch on metal objects and unexpected items by Severija 

Creatures by Tania Patritti

And many strange creatures! These ones are by Tania Patritti check out her lovely blog: Ninon

Don’t forget I have a special section on my blog dedicated to Books and Comics if you’re in need of inspiration!



  1. woollyduck · · Reply

    You’ve featured some amazing books here. I especially love the crochet taxidermy – much more pleasant than the real thing! x


    1. Aw thank thankyou. Some of these books are amazing you’re right!


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