Alan Nolan’s Graphic Novels for kids

Alan Nolan, and his comedy mystery series for kids

In keeping with my ‘Everything Irish’ theme this week I’m pleased to announce my interview with writer and artist Alan Nolan, the hot new talent from O’Brien Press, is currently featured on the Inis Magazine website brought to you by Children’s Books Ireland. 
It was a pleasure to interview Alan for Inis Magazine, not only he is one of my oldest friends in independent comics, but I love spotlighting the success stories of small press creators who are taken on and given an opportunity by mainstream publishers. It’s big deal that he’s getting to produce ‘graphic novels’ for kids, he’s building up the comic readership of tomorrow.  I’m really proud of you Al!  Not one to sing his own praises,  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for agreeing to the interview!  You can read all of it hereAlan Nolan’s ‘Big Break’ into Graphic Novels

Alan Nolan, Never one to sing his own praises 😉


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